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Home Avaya Definity Processors & Memory Avaya Definity TN790B Processor (TN790B)
Avaya Definity TN790B Processor (TN790B)
Avaya Definity TN790B Processor (TN790B)
Avaya Definity TN790B Processor (TN790B)



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Definity TN790B Processor

The Avaya Definity TN790B is very similar to the T790. The circuit pack is designed to handle errors that are associated with the EM-BUS and is required for use of the C-LAN (TN799) and NetPkt (TN794) circuit packs in R7 and later.

  • Circuit packet level replacement for the TN786B/CPP1 combination
  • Does not support a mezzanine board for memory expansion (no CPP1 circuit pack is used)
  • Provides a performance increase over the TN 786B/CPP1 combination
  • RISC processor at 40 MHZ includes all of the functions of the TN786B processor as well as providing an operating system base more common with R7r
  • Diagnostics for the TN790 are enhanced over earlier systems
  • Compatible with the processor interface circuit pack (TN765), the PACCON circuit pack (TN778), the NETCON circuit pack (TN777B), and the duplication interface circuit pack (TN772)
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