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Home Avaya Definity Processors & Memory Avaya Definity TN786B Processor (TN786B)
Avaya Definity TN786B Processor (TN786B)
Avaya Definity TN786B Processor (TN786B)
Avaya Definity TN786B Processor (TN786B)



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Definity TN786B Processor


  • Manages the Lucent Definity G3 system and executes stored programs to perform call processing and maintenance.
  • Consists of one 80386SX, 16 MHZ, Intel processor, 7 Megabyte Flash ROM used for the system program, 4 Megabyte of DRAM used for customer translations, an interface to the MBUS, and logic to support the shadowing function in duplicated systems
  • Monitors its sanity and reports processor failures and monitors and controls circuit pack conditions, releases or resets the processor on duplicated systems, monitors and controls cabinet level power supplies, manages alarm panel LEDs for system status, and provides direct access to a G3-MT.
  • G3V4si and earlier.
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