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Partner ACS (Advanced Communication System)
PARTNER ACS Processor Module provides the software intelligence that controls the systems features. Avaya ACS Processor Module Specifications, 68306 16 Mhz processor, 256Kbyte RAM, 512Kbyte FLASH ROM. It has jacks for 3 outside lines with Caller ID, 8 extensions, a music-on-hold audio source, a loudspeaker paging system, a Contact Closure Adjunct, and a call reporting (SMDR) device, such as a printer. It also has two PC Card slots, a bicolor red and green light-emitting diode (LED), and two AAA user-replaceable batteries to retain customer memory translations (programming) for around 6 months without power being supplied to the unit. The module also provides support for Caller ID information on system display phones. Processor can be upgrade to a higher release up to release 6 using an upgrade pc card. Upgrade card can be used only in 1 processor (one time upgrade only). Upgrade card has an automatic translation conversion (it will keep all prior programming during upgrade). System can be administered/programmed from extension 10 or 11 using Partner 18D or higher model. 6 button can not be used for programming.
Sale Price:$750.00
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You Save: $100 ( 11.76% )
Partner ACS R8 Processor (700469687)
Partner ACS R8 Processor (700469687)
Sale Price:$650.00
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You Save: $100 ( 13.33% )
Avaya Partner ACS 7.0  ( 700316474)
Avaya Partner ACS 7.0 ( 700316474)
Sale Price:$425.00
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You Save: $170 ( 28.57% )
Avaya  Partner ACS 3X8 R6.0  (700216054)
Avaya Partner ACS 3X8 R6.0 (700216054)
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