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Home Music On Hold products OHP 8000 USB Flash Drive Digital On-Hold Player
OHP 8000 USB Flash Drive Digital On-Hold Player
OHP 8000 USB Flash Drive Digital On-Hold Player
OHP 8000 USB Flash Drive Digital On-Hold Player



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Intellitouch OHP-8000 USB can be used with all PBX and Key Phone systems, plays audio directly from any USB Flash Drive (128mb drive included) for continuous playback. Just copy any mp3 file from your PC to the USB flash drive. The OHP-8000 USB includes a 128MB USB Flash Drive and is preloaded with nearly 3 hours of great sounding, fully licensed music & messages.

The OHP-8000 USB has high quality audio playback coupled with up to 140 hours of playback time (via any off-the-shelf 2GB USB Flash drive) suitable for background music, Storecasting as well as music/message on-hold applications. OHP-8000 USB also Includes MessageStudio software - simple to use mini-application allows user to quickly create customized on-hold audio or Storecasting content from any Windows-based PC.

OHP-8000 USB Features:

Rugged Anodized Aluminum enclosure: Built to perform in the toughest environments 128MB USB Flash Drive: Pre-Loaded with nearly 3 hours of fully-licensed music & messages MP3 audio: Continuous playback from any mp3 file Up to 140 hours of playback from any off the-shelf 2GB USB Flash Drive Free On-Hold Production Personalization: Provided automatically when product is registered Trigger switch jack: Allows connection of monetary switch to restart the audio from the beginning. Perfect for audio kiosk applications. Built-in Monitoring Speaker MessageStudio Software: Simple mini-application allows user to create their own custom audio content right from your PC. Flash Memory Design: Retains Music/Message Content Even During Power Loss Auto-Start: Automatically begins continuous playback after a power outage. Volume control RCA and 3.5mm mini audio cables included 110/220v switching power adapter with US, UK and EU plug inserts Easy wall mounting

Part Number: OHP-8000
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