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Panasonic Hotel/Motel Package 1 (KX-TDE100-HMPAK1)
Panasonic Hotel/Motel Package 1 (KX-TDE100-HMPAK1)
Panasonic Hotel/Motel Package 1 (KX-TDE100-HMPAK1)



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Panasonic Hotel/Motel Package 1:

Panasonic Hotel/Motel Package 1 Includes 4 Digital Phones, 25 Single-line Phones, and Voicemail.


  • KX-TDE100 - Panasonic KX-TDE100- Hybrid IP-PBX- Ideal for 25 to 65 users, Power of Voice over IP & SIP
  • KX-TDA0180 - Panasonic KXTDA0180 8 Port Loop Start CO Trunk Card (LCOT8)
  • KX-TDA0193 - Panasonic KXTDA0193 Caller ID Card (CID8)
  • KX-TDA0171 - Panasonic KX-TDA0171 8-Port Digital Extension Card (DLC8)
  • KX-TDA0175 - (2) Panasonic KX-TDA0175 16-Port Single Line Extension Card with Message Waiting (MSLC16)
  • KX-DT346-B - Panasonic KX-DT346-B 24 Button Digital Proprietary Expandable Speakerphone
  • KX-DT390-B - Panasonic KX-DT390-B 60 Keys DSS Console for KX-DT343B and KX-DT346B Phones
  • KX-DT333-B - (4) Panasonic KX-DT333-B 24 Button Digital Proprietary Speakerphone
  • KXTVA50 Voice Mail System
  • KX-TDA0104 - Panasonic KXTDA0104 M-Type Power Supply for TDA/TDE 100 or 200
  • (25) Aastra M8007 Single Line Hotel Phones in Black or Ash
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