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Panasonic KX-TD7685 Multi-Cell DECT Cordless Phone (KX-TD7685)
Panasonic KX-TD7685 Multi-Cell DECT Cordless Phone (KX-TD7685)
Panasonic KX-TD7685 Multi-Cell DECT Cordless Phone (KX-TD7685)



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Panasonic KX-TD7685 Multi-Cell DECT Cordless Phone:

The Panasonic KX-TD7685 is a multi-cell DECT 6.0 cordless phone that keeps you in constant touch with colleagues and key customers even when you have to leave your work area. The KX-TD7685 has a 6 Line / 16 character blue back-lit LCD display and a speakerphone with caller id, incoming and outgoing call log features. It has an Ni-MH battery that can have up to 10 hrs battery talk time and 168 hrs battery stand-by time.

KX-TD7685 Features:

  • Compatible with Panasonic KX-TAW848, KX-TDA50G, KX-TDA100. KX-TDA200, KX-TDA600, KX-TDE100, KX-TDE200, KX-TDE600, KX-NCP500, KX-NCP1000 Telephone Systems
  • New DECT 6.0 Technology
  • Interference Free Communication
  • Increased Clarity / Enhanced Security
  • Wider Range / Network Friendly
  • 1.9GHz Extra Handset / Charger
  • Dedicated for Cordless Phones by the FCC
  • 30% Battery Life Increase Over 5.8GHz
  • Single Line Operation
  • Speakerphone
  • Blue Backlit LCD Display
  • Illuminated Keypad
  • Conferencing
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • 15 Selectable Ringtones
  • 6-Step/Off Ringer Volume Control Handset/Base
  • Multi-Cell Handover
  • Multi-System Registration
  • Wireless XDP Parallel Mode
  • Allows Cordless Use of Wired Extension Number
  • Soft-Key Menus w/ Joystick Navigation
  • Vibrating Ringer
  • 5 Number Redial
  • Alarm
  • Up To 10 Hours Talk Time
  • Up To 168 Hours Standby Time
  • Headset Jack
  • Trilingual Menu Support (English / Spanish / French)
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