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Home Music On Hold products Intellitouch On-Hold-Plus 7500 (OHP-7500)
Intellitouch On-Hold-Plus 7500 (OHP-7500)
Intellitouch On-Hold-Plus 7500 (OHP-7500)
Intellitouch On-Hold-Plus 7500 (OHP-7500)



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The ULTIMATE in On-Hold Audio! • Download audio from CD to internal memory • 128MB integrated memory - up to 4 hours of playback • Preloaded with 3 hours of music and messages • Free personalized on-hold audio production • Integrated multi-line phone adapter for use with KSU-less and multi-line phones

The OHP 7500 is truly the Revolution of the species! The OHP 7500 can literally handle almost anything you throw at it. Whether you have your on-hold audio on a regular audio CD, SD memory card, or on your PC, this system can do it all. And, like all of our other systems, it’s very easy to use! Just drop in an audio CD, close the lid -- the OHP 7500 player spins up the disc and records it into the units built-in 128MB of digital flash memory. Want more time? Simply slide in an SD card (any retail SD card will do). With a 1GB SD card, you can have over 70 hours of audio content. Continuous playback begins immediately. Select a specific track or play all tracks in memory, the choice is up to you. OHP-7500 player comes pre-loaded with nearly 3 hours of licensed music and messages, so it’s ready for use right out of the box. The OHP 7500 is easy! Just power the unit up, connect up to your phone systems audio input jack and you're ready to go! See how to conect, just click here

Free Personalized On-Hold Production Every OHP 7500 ships with a certificate for a FREE personalized on-hold audio production. Just register your product and we’ll provide you with a production with your company’s name incorporated into a “thank you for calling” message. The personalized message will be repeated once per minute and played over a bed of great sounding background music.

MessageStudio Software The OHP 7500 includes our award winning, simple-to-use MessageStudio Software. With MessageStudio you're just a few mouse clicks away from your own, professional sounding, custom on-hold audio presentation. You'll be surprised at just how quick, fun and easy it is to sound like a Fortune 500 company.

OHP 7500 Features • Ready To Go - Right Out of the Box. Pre-Loaded with nearly 3 hrs. of Fully Licensed Music & Messages • Free On-Hold Production Personalization - provided automatically when product is registered • Integrated CD autoload Mechanism • 128MB of On-Board memory for nearly 3 hrs. of audio (upgradable to over 140 hours with 2GB SD flash card) • “Select” feature allows user to choose one or all music files stored in memory for continuous playback • USB port and SD card slot • Backlit 6-line LCD Control Panel • Built-in Monitoring Speaker • MessageStudio On-Hold Audio Creator Software • HoldTracks Audio CD - update your audio with additional on-hold audio tracks in a variety of styles • Pre-loaded with the following music: • Acoustic Elegance • Smooth Jazz • Contemporary • Country • Classical • Rock Solid • Genres • Flash Memory - Retains Music/Message Content Even During Power Loss • Auto-Start After a Power Outage • Wall Mountable • One unit handles one to four incoming lines and 16 different phone extensions • Non-TEHMA on-hold audio activation by pressing ** on any phone extension • 30-Day 100% Satisfaction MBG Guarantee • 3 Year Warranty

OHP 7500 Includes • OHP 7500 - Digital MP3 on-hold audio player • MessageStudio Software - produce your own custom on-hold audio from your PC's desktop. • HoldTracks Audio CD - update your audio with additional on-hold audio tracks in a variety of styles • 3 Year Warranty

Cables & Accessories • RCA to RCA audio cable • USB cable • Phone cables and “T’ adapters • RCA to mini-jack adapter • C adapter (110VAC) • (2) Telephone Extension Hold Music Activators TEHMAs (additional adapters available seperately) • (2) Phone jack "T" adapters • (2) 6' telephone line cords • (2) 4" corded phone handset cords • (2) Cordless phone adapter cables
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