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Home Nortel Nortel BCM BCM 200|400 BCM 200 | 400 Packages BCM 200 4.0 Phone System Package 2 (BCM200-PKG2)
BCM 200 4.0 Phone System Package 2 (BCM200-PKG2)
BCM 200 4.0 Phone System Package 2 (BCM200-PKG2)
BCM 200 4.0 Phone System Package 2 (BCM200-PKG2)




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BCM 200 4.0 Phone System Package 2:

(1) BCM200 4.0 LAN System (1) BCM 4x16 Module (1) BCM 8 Port Analog Station Module (1) BCM 32 Mailbox Voicemail Key Code (1) BCM 8-Seat IP Client License (4) i2002 IP Phones with Power (16) T7316E Digital Phones in Charcoal This BCM 200 package gives you the capability of 4 lines, 16 digital extensions, 8 analog station capability, 8 IP Clients, 4 IP Telephones, 32 mailboxes for voicemail and 16 digital phones. This is the perfect system for the medium size business that is looking for potential IP capabilities. This cabinet has no additional slots for expansion of lines or digital extensions, but you can add key codes to add up to 82 more IP Sets. You can also add Unified Messaging, Fax Messaging, and Basic or Professional Call Centers.

Included in this system is:

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