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Avaya 9640 IP Telephone without FacePlate
Avaya 9640 IP Telephone without FacePlate
Avaya 9640 IP Telephone without FacePlate



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A member of the Avaya one-X Deskphone Edition family, the Avaya 9640 IP Telephone with high resolution color display is specifically designed for the essential telephone user. Essential users are those who deem the telephone as essential for doing their jobs. Sales people, relationship managers, and attorneys are typical examples of essential users. The 9640 provides superior high fidelity audio, built-in "one touch" access to key Avaya Communication Manager mobility features, and a stylish and professional design. The Avaya 9640G model has the same functionality as the 9640G, and adds native support for Gigabit Ethernet.

What's New With This Release

Introducing the Avaya 9640 IP Telephone! A member of the Avaya one-X Deskphone Edition Family, the 9640G is designed specifically to meet the needs of the essential telephone user: the person for whom the telephone is critical to complete their job. The Avaya 9640G features a large, high resolution color backlit display and several LED buttons to explicitly convey status to the end user. The Avaya 9640 provides direct one-touch access to key Avaya Communication Manager mobility features such as Extension to Cellular. Like all Avaya one-X Deskphone Edition telephones, the 9640 features high fidelity audio, flexible support for add-ons in the future, and a very stylish and professional design.

Business Benefits

  • Productivity of Users - The productivity of end users is greatly enhanced through prompting for common telephony tasks, one-touch access to key features, and superior high fidelity audio
  • Richer Communication - The superior audio capabilities make conference calls and meetings more effective by requiring less reiteration. This has been found to reduce employee stress and fatigue
  • Investment Protection - Built on open standards with a modular platform that supports a wide range of modules and adapters to further enhance user productivity

Avaya 9640 IP Telephone without FacePlate features:

Essential users are easy to recognize as they are always on the phone. This power user relies on real-time voice communication and makes use of many advanced phone applications. The Avaya 9640G provides one-button access to advanced features such as Extension to Cellular and Extend Call to Mobile. These phones enable easy directory searches supported by contextual navigational menus and prompts.

  • Improve and simplify the traditional telephone experience
  • Provide increased call control and call management capabilities
  • Help boost productivity
  • Increase worker satisfaction
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