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Jabra GN4800 Wideband Base, GN2000 (48492-09)
Jabra GN4800 Wideband Base, GN2000 (48492-09)
Jabra GN4800 Wideband Base, GN2000 (48492-09)



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  • Seamless integration of traditional and IP telephony applications
  • Music and telephony in one headset
  • Stereo sound (hi-fi or wideband quality)
  • Ring-tone detection
  • PC power off sensing
  • Headset/handset switch
  • Mute function
  • Wearing style
  • PeakStop technology max. 118 dB SPL (RMS)according to UL-60950-1


  • A single headset for both. Never miss a call again
  • High-quality stereo sound allows users to block out unwanted noise in the workplace and focus on the task at hand
  • Automatic switching from PC to telephone mode if there is an incoming call
  • Automaticly switches to telephone mode when the computer is shut down
  • Easily switch to handset use when needed
  • The easy access mute button on the cord lets you block the transmission of your voice to consult with others while on the phone
  • Over-the-head stereo headset provides a comfortable fit for all-day use
  • Protection against sudden, loud sound spikes coming across the telephone network
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Works with most computer systems and most telephones that support direct-connect headsets
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