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Jabra GN4800 HFI Base, GN2100 (48491-09)
Jabra GN4800 HFI Base, GN2100 (48491-09)
Jabra GN4800 HFI Base, GN2100 (48491-09)



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The GN4800 is an innovative office headset that provides seamless integration between your PC and traditional telephone. Uuse it to create your personal workspace and be more productive work hands-free, listen to streaming music and use the telephone all with a single corded headset. It also provides a smooth migration path to IP telephony making it a valuable product for changing technology.

In today s open office environments, unwanted noise can decrease productivity. Not surprisingly, more and more employees are streaming music to block out the sounds of photocopiers, loud voices and other office annoyances. That means when a call comes in, people take off their headphones and pick up the handset, assuming they hear their telephone ring at all. The GN4800 solves all these problems by seamlessly integrating computer applications and telephony as well as providing the freedom of working hands free, all the time.
In the box:

GN Netcom Wideband Headset, headset/handset switch and necessary cables


  • Automatically switches - between traditional phone calls and your PC (IP softphone or music applications).
  • Concert-quality sound - allows for an incredible music experience.
  • Noise-canceling technology - filters out background noise so voice transmission is exceptionally clear
  • Headset/handset switch - lets you use telephone handset when needed.
  • PeakStop Technology - safeguards ears against harmful sound spikes.
  • PC and Mac compatible - offers you flexibility.
  • GN2100 Hi-fi headset and headset/handset switch - is included with this system. Headset frequency range is from 80-15,000 Hz.
  • one headset for direct-connect desk phones, PC-based IiP telephony, and PC-audio applications I increased productivity and job satisfaction in a noisy work environment one corded headset for streaming music and telephony Automatic switching functionality between desk phone and PC Choice between hi-fi stereo and wideband stereo quality headsets USB interface for PC-based telephony ensures future-proof investment
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